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Radiologic Physics Tests


The tests on this web site are available free of charge to any residents currently enrolled in a Radiology Residency programs. There are 13 topics, ranging from x-ray production to MR, that cover all of Diagnostic Radiological Physics. These questions have been generated to address the Physics material that is expected to be included in the Physics questions of the Exam of the Future.

In each topic, tests are generated consisting of 15 questions randomly selected from a large data base (~ 45 questions). An unlimited number of tests may be taken in each of the 13 topics.


To log onto the site, individuals must register (

If you have problems logging onto the site it may be due to the security settings in your web browser.  You do need to have cookies enabled to log in. 

One option that you may consider is a different web browser (if you are using Internet Explorer, which has lots of security settings).  We are using Firefox with good results, however we don’t take responsibility for any software that users install on their computer.


These tests are designed to help assess resident performance in Radiological Physics, and their preparedness for the Exam of the future. These tests can be used by:

A. Individual residents who after registering, can log on and take any number of test(s). Immediate feedback is available in the form of an overall score, together with feedback on which questions were right, and which questions were wrong (and why).

B: Program Directors and Physics Educators who can register themselves and their residents. Residents obtain feedback by taking tests (see A above); Program Directors and Physics Educators can log on and review the results of residents in their programs. For example, a Physics teacher may ask their residents to take a Mammography Test by a set date, and logon to review how his/her residents performed hence identifying weaknesses in their knowledge base.


For enrollment information, either as an individual or for a collective program, please send an email to

Radiologic Physics Tests 

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The Tests comprise 13 topics covering ALL of Radiological Physics. There are 15 questions per exam, up to 5 tests per exam, with immediate feedback with explanations.



The Tests are Ideal for residents taking the Exam of the Future in 2013

Available July 2011

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