Huda's Physics in Medicine LLC

The aim of Huda's Physics in Medicine is to provide high quality,clinically oriented, physics education to imaging personnel in medicine.


Attention Radiology Residency Programs


SIGN UP YOUR PROGRAM NOW is now offering Radiology Residents the opportunity to take free tests in Radiological Physics. These tests are designed to help assess the knowledge of Radiological Physics which will be necessary to succeed in the new Exam of the Future being offered by the ABR starting in 2013.


Teachers of Physics can enroll residents to ensure that performance in Radiological Physics is satisfactory. Radiology residents can also enroll as individuals to monitor their own progress in this field.


If you would like to enroll or have any questions or comments, please contact us directly by email at or by phone at (843) 412 5335 (Joyce Huda) or (843) 323 9366 (Walter Huda)

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